Restoring your property doesn't have to be a painful process resulting in stress and lost work time.
C & F Enterprises will provide an alternative: The quality you're looking for at a price you will be pleased with.
    Traditionally, storm damage claims and the subsequent construction/repairs require that you meet with the Insurance Adjuster, schedule meetings with General Contractors to get bids and submit documentation to the insurance company. Should you uncover additional damage(s) along the way, you would then have to submit supplemental requests to your insurance company or come out of pocket to cover the additional expense. When your project is complete, you would then get to file more paperwork in order to get paid for your recoverable depreciation.
There is a better way!
    If you choose C & F Enterprises to restore your property to like-new condition, you get far more than a crew of subcontractors. We provide a complete turnkey service that saves you stress, time and money!

    We will evaluate your damages and prepare a detailed estimate utilizing Xactimate, the estimating software utilized by over 80% of the insurance companies and their adjusters. Our Claims Specialist will be present when the Adjuster visits your home to inspect for damages. We will identify the damages and discuss the repairs necessary to complete your storm restoration project. We will pull permits, schedule crews, order materials and manage the project from start to finish. In the event previously unidentified damages are uncovered in the midst of the project, we will develop and file the supplements with the insurance company for you. We will maintain contact with the insurance company to expedite the processing and approval of these supplemental expenses. When the project is complete, the invoices will be sent directly to the insurance company to recover your recoverable depreciation in a timely fashion.

            Stress Reduced... Time Saved... Money Saved... Quality Workmanship Your Choice!!!
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